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Brunetti Designs has been working within Denver and Dsouglas County Colorado arsea for the past 11 years.  During that time, we have excelled in helping bring additional value to the aesthetic feel of our customers yards (both front and back) as well as helping to increase the saleability value on their homes.

There are four main reasons why we are the best choice for a Colorado Deck Builder; Creativity, Diversity, Results and Value.
We deliver custom deck designs and estimates that can fit into whatever vision you have for your front or back yard.  There is not a reason to stick with a traditional cookie cutter Deck any longer.  If you want a traditional 10 x 10 deck than we can deliver that as well, but if you want your deck to really stick out and make people do a double take, we can get you there.  Our Custom Denver Deck Design team works with you to come up with a plan for your yard, and then our deck installers work with you to ensure the vision is delivered flawlessly.  Click here to take a look at some of our previous Denver deck projects.
We have the ability to build more than just Wood Decks in Denver. If you are really looking to improve your outdoor living, having us build you an outdoor kitchen and/or fireplace or maybe a beautiful Gazebo for your garden can really help you enjoy Colorado's beautiful summer nights. If you prefer a more durable, composite deck or even a more natural looking stone deck we can help you there as well.  In addition to decks, we also can build you a custom front porch, or even a patio cover.   Basically anything you need to help improve your outdoor addition to your home, we have the diversity to help you.
The two intangibles that you need to look at when picking your Denver Deck Contractor are Experience and Passion.  Having one without the other simply will not net the best results.  An excited, passionate contractor who doesn't have the experience in building a deck will make mistakes that could cost you money.  While a deck builder with experience but no zest or excitement for what they are doing will end up giving you something boring, and quite often they end up taking shortcuts which could lead to costly deck repairs.  Brunetti Designs has the experience needed to get the job done perfectly the first time, and the passion to deliver top end product.
We do not advertise that we are affordable Denver Deck Builders because that is not what we are and is not what we deliver.  However, just because we deliver top end product does not mean that we over charge.  Every estimate that we deliver is done  on a line by line excel or pdf formatted document.  We ensure that you understand exactly how much you are paying in labor, and how much you are paying in supplies.  Denver Deck Estimate also lets you know how much you are paying for additional features, so if the built in storage is to much, we can take it out of the estimate easily.
Bottom line is that we want to build you the deck of your dreams, and we are willing to do what's necessary to ensure the happiness and safety that a properly built deck can provide for you and your family. 

We provide 100% free estimates, where our Custom Deck Design team comes to your house and discusses what it is you are looking to accomplish with your outdoor living space.  We work with you to ensure that your vision is delivered in a timely and secure manner, and that you end up being completely satisfied with the end result.

If you would like to contact us to schedule a free decking estimate, or if you have any questions about how the whole process works, please click here to fill out a brief form.  If you would rather speak over the phone, please feel free to give us a call at (720) 556 - 2051 or email us any time at
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