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The skill required to build a Deck estimate in Colorado is not something that is easily acquired.  Only after lots of practice and learning from mistakes, can one truly be an expert at providing estimates and building decks accordingly. 

You have to know what materials to use, when to use what tools and of course how to throw it all together and come out with a safe deck as the final product.

We are committed to building quality, durable decks that are made to withstand the tough weather elements that Colorado endures on a yearly basis. 

Deck safety and deck quality is something that has got to be taken seriously, as a poorly constructed deck will most likely eventually collapse, and if anybody is on the deck when it collapses the results can be devastating.

With that being said, here is a list of common mistakes that are made during the building process of a deck.
1. Unsealed Wood
A unsealed wood deck will age, deteriorate and begin to mold a lot quicker than a properly sealed deck.  Proper sealing a deck also enhances the aesthetic beauty of a deck, and ensures it looks newer for longer.
2. Stairs with missing or open risers
Many people try to save some money by not installing hand railings or any type of covering on the risers.  Open space in between the steps also increases the chance of tripping, thus increasing the possibility of injury.
3. Incorrect railing height and/or baluster spacing
A Baluster is a molded shaft which stands on a unifying footing, providing support for the handrail of a staircase.  If the baluster of a deck is not up to code, kids have a chance to get their head stuck in between two balusters.  Also, if they are to low, you can easily fall over the top of them.
Improper Deck Materials
4. Structural members are made too small
If your decks structural member is too small, the risk of having your deck collapse increases greatly.  It can also create sagging and improper weight distribution.  Make sure that all the components of your deck are properly sized, this will help avoid deck warping and collapsing.
5. Missing or improper joist hangers
A joist hanger helps to adhere the wood components on a deck to one another, as well as helping to secure your deck to your house.  A nail alone is not strong enough to counteract the shear forces of gravity pulling your deck towards the ground, so a joist hanger is an essential element.  There are also several different types of joist hangers, having the correct one in the correct place is also extremely important to the overall stability of a deck.
6. Improper Decking Materials
You have got to chose some sort of weather resistant materials to build your deck in order to prevent rot and deterioration.  You also have to pick correct fasteners that are weather resistant as well, or they will rust and deteriorate as well.
Undersized Components
7. Not making the footings long enough
The footings are concrete blocks placed at the bottom of the posts, they help to create a solid base for your deck.  Undersized footings can lead to warping of your deck, sagging or even collapse.
8. Failing to properly attach your deck to your house
This is quite often the main culprit behind a collapsing deck.  When attaching the deck to your house, you cannot simply use a bunch of nails! You need to either use a bolt (if you have access to behind the wall that the deck is going into) or a lag screw.
9. Missing or improperly installed flashing
Flashing acts as a barrier to help keep water from entering the seams into your house.  If water enters into your house, it can result in dangerous and expensive results.  Such as severe mold, decay and could possibly lead to a collapse of the deck.
These are some of the main mistakes that are made when a deck is not build properly.  The results of a poorly built deck can be very expensive financially and even worse, can lead to very severe injuries down the line.

If you hire a company who doesnt pay close attention to the details, or if you try to build your own Deck, these type of mistakes can happen.

Let (Brunetti Designs) build you a professional, top quality deck for a very reasonable price. 

When you see the deck that we build for you, you will be happy you chose us.

Click here to set up a free consultation to see if we are the right company to build you the Deck of your dreams!
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