Denver Outdoors Builds Patio Covers in Colorado
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Denver Outdoor Spaces by Brunetti Designs can help transform your mostly unused patio into a thriving, warm and fully utilized part of your home - by installing you a custom built Patio Cover estimate in or near Denver.
A Patio Cover in Colorado not only makes your yard feel more complete and aesthetically enticing, it also adds to the functionality of your porch by creating a shaded area to sit, read a book, talk to your friends and family or even enjoy your morning coffee.  The options available for a Covered Patio in Douglas County Colorado are almost limitless, check out what features we can also add to your porch or deck for you.
There are many reasons why a Patio Cover makes sense as an addon to your home. Once you have a Patio Cover in Colorado, you will never be able to live without one again! Let me tell you why...
1) Great, and inexpensive way to expand your living space.
Next time you attend a friends or families get together, pay attention to where people are gathering.  If there is a Gazebo, a covered patio or even just an umbrella people will migrate in that direction.  People gravitate towards shaded areas.  The area that you have covered represents the area that you will use!
2) Help ensure the longevity of both your home, and your outdoor furniture!
Severe weather, such as Denver's winters and the bright sun we get in the summer can and eventually will ruin exposed doors and windows on your house. Letting us build you a Custom Patio Cover will help increase the survivability of your windows and doors
If you have an expensive barbeque, or some fancy outdoor furniture, why let hail, snow and sun shine destroy them?  A Covered Patio estimate is easy and its free! No obligation!
Brunetti Designs  builds Outdoor Fireplaces and Outdoor Kitchens which work amazingly well with a covered patio.  We offer specials for larger projects such as a full Patio Cover with a fully functional Outdoor Kitchen as well.
3) Adding a Covered Patio in Colorado will instantly add value to your home.
When trying to sell your home, anything that helps to separate it from other houses people see will do nothing but help you.  Adding a Covered Patio to your house will help give it that "finished" look, and will add equity as well.

If you have any other questions, or would like to discuss the steps necessary to receive a free Patio Cover Installation quote, click here.
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