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Even before building a a deck and at the estimate phase, there are lots of different tools and materials that need to be considered in budgeting.

The first choice in material that you will make is what type of base material you want for your deck.  You can chose a traditional lumber deck, usually constructed of treated lumber or redwood.  You can also choose a composite deck which is a material made up of plastic and fibers.  You can read more on the different types of lumber here.

After picking your base material, you have to decide what deck features you want, from additional built in storage, privacy fences, built in lighting and maybe even a Gazebo or Pergola

With each of these additional features, more different types of materials and tools come into play.  On this  page we have gone through and listed some of the different materials and tools that a Denver Deck Builder has to have at their disposal for any given Denver Decking Project.

Through years of experience and learning, Denver Deck Estimates has gained a firm grasp on how to utilize all of these materials to create breath taking decks.  These decks enhance our customers home both aesthetically and help to increase functionality.  If you would like more information or want to receive a free deck estimate, click here.
Power Auger
Joist Hanger
Post Hole Digger
Framing Nail Gun
Non Mushroomed Decking Screw
Treated Lumber
Concrete Bags
Post Base
Large Bolts
Table Saw
Framing Nails
Air compressor
Hurricane Ties
Tape Measure
Plumb Bob
Post Square
Chalk Line
Miter Saw
Cement Tube
Lag Screw
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