Wood Front Porches in Colorado, Denver decking estimate
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Wood Porch flooring is by far the most popular material on the market today for a Front Porch estimate in Denver.

When picking a Wood Porch, your first step is  picking what type of wood you want your deck to be made out of. 

There is a lot of lumber on the market that you can pick for your Front Porch Colorado estimate, from typical Southern Yellow Pine, to exotics like IPE.  There is a wood flooring out there that can fit any budget or design plan. Here is a rundown of the lumber available for your Wood Front Porch in Colorado.
Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) - SYP is the most popular lumber for Front Porches, due to its cellular structure allowing deep penetration of preservatives, thus allowing it to last a long time.

Tigerwood - Tigerwood is incredibly nice lumber to look at, and is used for both interior and exterior projects.  It is popular due to its ability to accept stains of all color.

Angel's Heart - Angel Heart is a super alternative to cedar and treated pine.  It is stronger, more aesthetically pleasing, takes stains well, and is easy to work with.
Mahogany - Mahogany is a very dense wood, and has fewer knots than most other decking materials.  It is also very rot resistant, and thus can last a long time.

Cedar - Cedar has gained popularity due to its durability and its beauty.  Colors of Cedar can range anywhere from mellow ambers, to reddish and all the way to sienna brown.

Redwood - Redwoods is usually the choice if the landscape architects has a say.  Its ability to resist shrinkage, warping or cracking, in addition to its resistance to decay and bugs help set it apart.
We can help you pick the right type of lumber for your Wood Front Porch estimate in Denver, as well as assist you in finding the right vendor to buy said lumber from.

After we acquire the lumber, Brunetti Designs will help you throughout the entire Front Porch Building process, from planning, design, building, adding any features you would like and completing the front porch. For a Front Porch Installation in Denver quote click here.
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