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Why Us
Deck Safety
There are many variables that go into coming up with a Deck Building or design Estimate.  Click here to find out all you need to know about Denver Deck Estimate.
Using quality materials for your Colorado Deck is essential for longevity and safety purposes.  Click here to learn more about the correct materials.
We have extensive experience as a Deck Builder in Douglas County.  Click here to find out what separates us from other Colorado Deck Builders
Your deck can  invite many great get-together's, and help create lots of fantastic memories.  You should ensure your friends and family are  safe. Click here for more info
Decking Estimates
Quality Materials
There are a lot of variables that go into a complete Decking Estimate. We guarantee our estimates can't be beat!
From the type of material you pick (wood, stone, tile, concrete, etc...), the quality of the material you pick, the overall space of the deck, any additional features (lighting, storage, etc...) and many other variables.

Denver Deck Estimate provides free decking quotes to anybody within the Denver Metro area or Douglas County; Including free advice or consultations.

Click here for more information about our Colorado Deck Estimate, and click here to submit a brief survey, letting us know a little bit about what you are trying to accomplish with your new Deck!
There are tons of different types of materials and tools used when building a Deck, Patio, Gazebo and all the other types of projects that we take on for our Colorado customers.

Click here to get an idea as to what materials we use when building Colorado Decks!
A well put together deck or patio in Denver is quite often one of, if not the most beautiful aspects to your yard.

With that being said, a poorly maintained or built deck can also  be the most dangerous part of your home.

Be sure that the Denver Deck Builder you hire adheres to the strict regulations that exist to ensure deck safety.

Some quick items you can do on your own to ensure safety are:

1) Keep your stair pathways clear, do not have any planters, statues, toys or any other possible tripping hazards.

2)  Tighten any loose nails, anchors or screws that you see.  Keep everything as tight as you can!

3) Clean away leaves or any other sort of debris that can lead to mildew.  Mildew leads to wood rot!

4) Be cautious when using anything that produces heat. Keep all sources of fire safely away from the deck, and be sure to follow any manufacturers directions when using a heater.

These are just a few of the safety tips Brunetti Designs has for their customers. Click here to read more about Denver Deck Safety

Denver Outdoor Spaces is a full service Decking Contractor Company, with well over 10 years of experience with both building and repairing Decks, Porches, Gazebos, and Fences.

Experience matters when it comes to Custom Deck Building in Colorado.  But so does exuberance and zest for what one is doing for a living.  Too often contracting companies have lost their excitement for their craft, and consumers in the market for a Deck  in Denver or a Porch in Denver are left to decide whether they want  an experienced Deck Builder in Denver, or a passionate Deck professional.

Did you know we have both the experience necessary to get the job done right, and the drive to deliver a beautiful work of art that can only come from a place of true devotion to ones work?
Deck Building in Denver, Douglas County and the surrounding  areas is what we do, its where we live, work and play! Let us serve you.
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