Denver & Douglas County Deck Repair Estimate
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Decks in Colorado can begin to fail for many reasons.  For one, they may not be maintained yearly by the home owner or previous home owner.  Regardless of what service you require, if you need a Deck Repair in Denver or Douglas County Colorado please give Brunetti Designs a cal lor email for a free estimate!
One of the scariest issues that can take its course on the safety of a deck, is a failure to properly secure the deck to your house. 
Sadly, the picture to the left happens to mane decking boards over time and can be costly to repair if the damage is left to grow worse.
When access to the back of your homes inside wall is available, a large Bolt should be used, to secure in your decks ledger board. Otherwise a lag screw will need to be used. This is one of the most important retrofits you can make, a certified decking contractor can provide you more details about this.
Denver Deck Estimate is certified by with the AIA and Ron Blank and associates. We have 13 certifications which include deck building, deck retrofitting, structural anchoring and mold control and prevention.
Wood rot is one of the most common ailments that plague Decks in Colorado,  but not as much as states where the climate is humid and warm on a consistent basis like California or even worse Texas or Florida.

Wood rot is brought about by moisture within the wood in your deck.  All wood that is exposed to air will have a small percentage of water, its when these levels of water increase that deterioration and rot become a risk because mold spores grow and eat the cellulose of the wood fiber.

A good way to delay or prevent rot in your decks boards is by annual staining or treating.  Denver Outdoors has done countless deck refinishing's.  Click here to tell us a little about your situation.
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