Colorado Deck Repair, Colorado Deck Refinishing
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Denver Outdoors can help resolve some of the issues that come about with your Denver Deck.  Denver Deck Repair can be needed for a variety of reasons, if something on your deck needs fixed or refurbished, let Denver Outdoors help!  Click here to let us know a little bit about what the issue is.
One of the scariest issues that can take its course on the safety of a deck, is a failure to properly secure the deck to your house. 
Sadly, the picture to the left was 100% avoidable if the original Deck Builder in Denver would have taken a little extra time and secured the deck properly to the house.

When access to the back of the wall is available, a large Bolt should be used, as you can really get a good hold on the wall when screwing in the nut. If caught early enough this can be fixed by a Denver Deck Repair contractor.

If you do not have access to the back of the wall, than a Lag Screw can get you almost as much stability.When contractors are in a hurry, they sometimes use only nails, which will eventually lead to an unstable deck
Wood rot is one of the most common ailments that plague Decks in Colorado, and require Deck Repair.

Wood rot is brought about by moisture within the wood in your deck.  All wood that is exposed to air will have a small percentage of water, its when these levels of water increase that deterioration and rot become a risk.

One of the most rot-prone areas of a Deck in Denver is the underside of the deck.  Attachment points to the home are very  vulnerable to rot and should be checked every year for rot.

A good way to delay wood rot in your deck is by getting Denver deck refinishing. Denver Outdoors has done countless deck refinishing's.  Click here to tell us  about your situation.
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