Composite Deck Estimates,  Denver | Douglas County Colorado
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What is a Composite Deck?
Composite Deck Add-ons
Benefits of a Composite Deck
The same amazing features that can be added to wooden decks, can be added to composite decks!

Lighting on a composite deck enhances functionality and increses the looks of a composite deck.

You can addon additional built in storage onto a composite deck as well, thus increasing functionality. Its usually cheaper to have us build the storage onto the deck, than to purchase storage later on

Railings, patio covers, fencing and steps are also coveted addons for a composite deck in Denver. Anything you can do to help increase the functionaly and beauty of your composite deck will only help you in the long run.
There are several reasons why many people choose to have Denver Deck Estimate (Brunetti Designs) build them a Composite Deck, rather than going with the traditional wood deck. However even when a full composite system is wanted, the joists and structual members of your deck will still be wood (treated).
Low maintenance and  high quality, now time-tested materials, lend home owners options they didnt have prior to the mid ti late 1990's. Composite decking will also maintain its color for years after the intital settle-in. 

Another advantage, is a lot of composite material sellers offer warranties extenind up to 25 years, so if something goes wrong, many times the warranty will cover replacing the entire deck, or at least the cost of repairs.

When reccomending composite decks in Colorado to potential customers or in estimates, we may be asked what is Wood Polymer Composite Decking?

Composite Decking is made up of composite material, where plastic (polymer) and actual wood fibers (cellulose) are infused with several other types of material, usual recycled, forming a decking board which requires virtually no maintenance but CAN be stained or painted.

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