Wood Deck Design Denver
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Different Lumber Options
Wood Deck Add-ons
Benefits of a Wood Deck
There are some amazing features that a Deck Builder in Denver can addon to your Wood Deck.

Lighting for example can add aesthetic beauty to your deck and your back yard, while at the same time enhance the functionality as well.

Adding on a built in storage box, either underneath your deck, or on top will add more functionality to your deck, and usually for a lot cheaper than just buying a box down the road.

Railings, patio covers, fencing and steps are some of the other additions that Denver Outdoors can add to your deck for you.  Check out all our Denver Deck features!
There are several benefits to having a Wood Deck in Colorado.

The versatility of a wood deck, when compared to a composite or stone deck is a big benefit.  You can cut wood into any shape you want, where synthetic materials are more difficult to do so.

In some situations, a wood deck in Colorado can save you money.  Depending on the brand and quality you pick, synthetic decks can get very expensive.

The most obvious benefit to picking a wood deck is the natural beauty it comes with.  A composite deck is made to look like wood, but its just not quite the same thing as an actual Wood Deck in Colorado.
Ensuring that you chose the right type of lumber to have your in your estimate is a huge part in the initial planning process. 

Hardwood - The most common type of hardwood decks in Denver are IPE (pronounced E-pay).  Click here to learn more about Hardwood Decking in Denver.

Softwood - Redwood is one of, if not the most popular choices for Wood Decks in Colorado. Click here to learn more about a Redwood Deck in Denver.

Pressure Treated - If price and endurance are at the top of your list, pick a Pressure Treated Deck. Click here to learn more about a Pressure Treated Deck in Parker
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