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Add beauty and enhance the functionality of your deck by having Brunetti Designs install Deck Lighting! Click here to learn more about Deck Lighting.
No pool or spa is complete without a custom built deck to match.  Let us build your spa or pool the home it deserves! Click here to read more
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A decking estimate from us for your deck with lighting can dramatically affect your back and/or  front yard.  The additional beauty is great, but the real selling point to adding lighting to your deck is that it increases the decks useability.

Nighttime will instantly be transformed into your ideal deck time, particularly in the gorgeous Denver Summers.

Another additional benefit is increased safety, since we install Deck Lighting in Colorado in specific locations, where foot traffic is heavy, and near any stairs or steps that could cause an unwanted trip.

The cost to add lighting to your deck is minimal.  Click here to learn more about Denver Deck Lighting!
If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to add a Hot Tub or Pool to your backyard, you will need a place to hold it!

A deck or patio is an ideal resting spot for your soon to be hot tub retreat.  Whether you already have an existing deck, or you are building from scratch, planning ahead will help you end up with a built-in, integrated look.

There are three ways to have a hot tub installed on your deck.  You can either have it flush-mounted where the deck surface is even to the top of the hot tub, partially mounted within the deck so part of the hot tub is in the deck, and part out, or freestanding.  A Freestanding hot tub rests on top of the deck.

We provide estimates for decks with Pools or hot tubs as well.

Click here to find out more about Denver Spa Deck or a  Colorado Pool Deck
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