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Denver Deck Estimate can build you a beautiful Treated Lumber, Hardwood or IPE wooden deck in Denver.  Click here to learn more about our Wood Deck Builders in Denver.
A recent trend in decking is basketweave composite material for your Denver Deck.  Click here to find out why many people are switching to Composite & Vinyl Decks
A failing deck creates an unsafe variable into you and your families life that simply is not worth it.  Click here to find out about Denver Deck Repair.
The beauty and longevity of a Stone Deck in Colorado is hard for any other material to try and match.  Click here for more details on Denver Stone & Tile Decks.
Wood Decks
Composite & Vinyl Decks
Deck Repair
Stone & Tile Decks
We here at Brunetti Designs fully understand that budget is quite often a major factor in Denver or Douglas County Deck projects as well.  With that in mind, we will be sure to help you out with all the little touches (such as built-in planters, lighting, additional seating or maybe even some storage) that have a huge functional and aesthetic impact,  for a small cost.

Our Estimates lend the ability to work with many different types of material to create you the Deck of your dreams. 

We are experienced with Pressure Treated Lumber, which is by far the most popular choice of any material available for a Deck in Colorado and most states.

Another Wood Decking option is Hardwood, which boasts a much longer average live span than does a traditional redwood, cedar or treated wood deck.

Ipe (pronounced E-pay) wood decking is on the rise when it comes to a decking.  Its durability and natural insect resistance make it a hot material in the decking world.
A composite deck is a deck made up of a plastic type material that is made to look and function like wood.

The upside to a composite or vinyl deck is the fact that they have less up-keep than does a wooden deck.  You wont have to stain and/or seal it yearly like it is suggested you do on  wooden decks.

With that being said there are definately some negative attributes associated with a composite deck as well.  For one, its plastic so it is affected by severe heat and cold (i.e. it could shrink and expande).  Also, scratches and stains are permanent, you cant stain a composite deck to make it look like new again.

For more information on Composite and/or Vinyl Decks, click here to read some more interesting facts.

There are many benefits of chosing a stone deck over other possible materials.  For one, a Stone Deck will last as long as your house does.  You will never need to replace a stone or tile deck, unelss you just get tired of the looks of it.

Stone Decks in Denver are also very stain resistant, so you dont have to worry about your grill ruining your deck, simply hose it down if it gets dirty.

The maintenance is also very low, requiring an epoxy recoat every few years (the lenght between recoats depends on the abuse the deck receives).

Click here to learn more about what Douglas County Deck Estimate is doing.
A Deck in Colorado can begin to fail for a lot of reasons.  From our severe winters and hot summers, to the bugs we have that are in love with wood and even just time, there are lots of variables working against your deck.

Constant attentiveness, and a willingness to restain and/or seal your deck on a yearly basis can definitely help to slow down the inevitability that eventually, if you stay in one house long enough you will have to replace your deck.

With that being said, a lot of times a deck can be referbished at a fraction of the cost that ripping your deck out and replacing it would cost.

Click here to find out more about our Deck Repair service.

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